One day in the summer of 2013 Co-Founder Gunner Lamb,wife Kristen, and Co-Founder Patricia Cregier were watching Gunner’s son Carter paddling in a generic kayak. While Carter was playing around, he tried to stand up and paddle in the kayak, which didn’t go so well and Carter ended up flopping around and falling out. A kayak is just too cumbersome and unstable to stand up on. In that moment Gunner realized there was a need for a lightweight crossover board, made just for kids, for kayaking and stand up paddling. Together with his teammates they then developed what is now Kypad.


Within hours we were online searching for hybrid boards. We found nothing. We scoured the surf shops all over New England and came up short. We reached out to shop owners on the West Coast. Nothing. Clearly we were onto something. Next step: production. We found the perfect board builder to partner with us and turn our vision into a reality. We researched materials, worked on a logo, met with attorneys. We created a prototype and landed our first board at the Surf Show in Orlando, Florida in January, 2014. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the level of interest greater than we could have imagined. We were convinced there was a place and a need for KYPAD in the worldwide market.